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The Author

Born and raised in Paris, France, Brigitte Benchimol has a background in Journalism and Sociology. Her first career in Paris was as a freelance journalist and photographer.

For the past fifteen years she has lived in Los Angeles, where she studied Early Childhood Education at UCLA and directed the Berlitz Language Center in Beverly Hills.

In addition to writing the Jadyn series, she owned and ran two preschools as well as reviewed children’s books for magazines.
She is also a regular speaker at the Gandhi King Conference for nonviolence about peaceful communication for adults and children.

Brigitte has traveled to more than twenty-five countries and speaks three languages fluently. Her passion for exploring cultural differences and her perspective on human nature triggered a desire to share the benefits of her experience. She finds fiction—like travel—a fun, interactive way for children and adults alike to learn about real concepts.

How did Jadyn come alive?
Relaxing with a magazine in a warm bubble bath, she was struck by a picture of a child blowing a bubble. That picture inspired the whole Jadyn series. Jadyn is the name of a student at her school who never left without saying goodbye.

The purpose of the Jadyn series is to open new horizons to children and to help them learn more about themselves in the process.


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