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Jadyn decides to write an essay on Mahatma Gandhi. What he doesn't expect is for one of his Magic Bubbles to drop him back in time, offering him the incredible chance to meet with Mohandas K. Gandhi face to face.

Jadyn learns a lot about this man who changed the world, and even more about himself. Mastering his own peace will be his challenging but amazingly rewarding journey.

Explore the past, Discover your present...Another Inside/Out Discovery!

"This book is an amazingly imaginative way of bringing Gandhi's message to children. I hope all children read it and learn that peace is possible and that the children, the leaders of tomorrow, can make a difference."

- Arun Gandhi

President, M. K. Gandhi
Institute for Nonviolence  - Mahatma’s Grandson

Watch the video of the Author presenting

               I Met Gandhi!

Special GIfts: A beautiful poster of Gandhi, an audiobook and a little story of how the Author met Gandhi’s grandson, Arun.