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Ready for More Adventures?

Aie Aie Aie! Jadyn left the bottle of magic bubbles open. As soon as he enters his room, a magic bubble filled with animals absorbs him and takes him on a wild, wild journey.

But where is he this time? All these elephants, giraffes, lions, antelopes...where is he? He is on a SAFARI! But not an ordinary safari: His tour guide is Gigi, the beautiful reticulated giraffe and his hosts a herd of elephants.

Gigi shows Jadyn how animals live and especially how humans are treating them. Gigi will share her feelings and daily life with Jadyn and the importance and necessity of wildlife conservation.

Explore the animals, Discover your Humanity...An Inside/Out Safari!

Special GIfts: A beautiful poster of Jadyn floating among the animal spirits with their beautiful character traits.

And a fun, fun, fun game  of little cards to find out the who’s who of the Kenyan savannah. Well, you will have to find out!!!

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