Brigitte Benchimol, award-winning author, educator and former school owner, offers a variety of dynamic and interactive presentations that stimulate children's minds and enhance their multi-cultural knowledge and understanding.

Presentation Information

Length: 45-75 minutes per topic, according to audience needs. Multiple presentations topics can be performed per booking.

Audience Size: Individual classrooms, or assemblies up to 400 students

Age Group: 1st through 6th Grade

Pricing: Varies according to length, location, and content


  1. Book Readings / Discussion

  2. Auditorium / Classroom Presentations

  3. Recurrent program (once a week for 7 weeks)

  4. Book Signings

  5. Fundraisers

  6. All-day Tent Activities

Presentation Topics

  1. Multi-cultural Discovery
    Explore the world, Discover yourself

    Jadyn and the Magic Bubble: Discovering India brings the concept of Global citizenship to a reality. Children discover India through the five senses, through this story with a hands-on curriculum that each child gets to experience directly.

  1. Peace and Nonviolence with Gandhi

    Explore the past, Discover your present

    Jadyn and the Magic Bubble: I Met Gandhi brings the reader straight into Mohandas K. Gandhi's life, giving children a chance to experience nonviolence through Gandhi's teachings.

  1. Environmental Appreciation
    Explore the animals, Discover your humanity

    Jadyn and the Magic Bubble: Kenya, Kenya! Released in 2011 brings consciousness of the impact humans have on the environment and, more specifically, on the animal world.

  1. The World of Storytelling    
    Explore writing, Discover reading

    In this interactive workshop, the author discusses her own writing experience and draws out the children’s imaginations, helping them channel their ideas into a story.

Prepare for a magical, inside/out exploration! Each visit is tailored to the organization’s and children’s needs to ensure the most entertaining and best learning experience possible.

Brigitte’s exciting program teaches not only Character Education but also important curriculum subjects such as History, Geography, Science, Social Studies, Music, and Art.

An enchanting exploration and a memorable discovery, guaranteed!


Ready for Your Own Magic Bubble Experience?

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