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Explore the World, Discover Yourself...

Through story telling, Jadyn and the Magic Bubble is showing the meaning of living a conscious life.

More than a picture book series, Jadyn and the Magic Bubble combines stories, activities, and a curriculum to create a model for cultural and self discovery.

Through Jadyn's sensory journeys, children, parents, and teachers not only learn about other cultures, but experience them through their own "six" senses. Of course Imagination has to be counted has an important sense!

Jadyn stories offer strong, diverse role models and symbols, which reinforce several key concepts:

  1. Bullet Relating is beyond borders and words.

  2. Bullet Giving and sharing bring freedom.

  3. Bullet Dealing with emotions makes us grow.

  4. Bullet Parental support boosts self esteem.

Children explore not only other lands and cultures, but their own feelings and crucial character traits for life such as:

Critical Thinking, Tolerance, Social Responsibility, Compassion, Generosity, Nonviolence, Patience and Multicultural Friendship.

Each book is an "Inside/Out Discovery"!


Press Release

The series Jadyn and the Magic Bubble, authored by Brigitte Benchimol, is one of the few book series that explains to children, at their own level, the concept of an undivided human race.

The world today is shrinking. Thus, creating a congenial environment for the harmonious co-existence of cultures is the greatest need of the hour. Understanding each other’s cultures and accepting each other’s differences is key to the creation of a "one world, one people" concept. The Jadyn and the Magic Bubble series is a step in that direction.
The first two books in the series, Discovering India and I Met Gandhi, allow young children to explore the great country of India and to interact with one of its greatest leaders. These stories help children gain understanding of the Indian culture and to develop an understanding of the similarities and differences that exist between different cultures of the world.

Brigitte Benchimol, an expert on Early Childhood Education who is passionate about exploring cultural differences, has used her rich experiences to bring to life the story of Jadyn (a young boy) who travels to unknown countries. In Discovering India, Jadyn lives the lives of the Indian people, shares their experiences, and draws his own conclusions. The lucid language of the book enhances the experience. The second book, I Met Gandhi, describes Jadyn’s journey as he travels back in time to India’s pre-independence era and interacts with one of the greatest leaders India has produced: Mohandas K. Gandhi. Jadyn will learn what it means to master our inner peace in order to create outer peace. The new book in the series, Kenya! Kenya! explores the wildlife in the African savana as well as human interactions through animals eyes. Jadyn will learn that wildlife protection is a necessity to his own species survival.


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